GENERAL RULES OF STAY • The occupants will not be able to carry out annoying, unhealthy, noxious, dangerous or illicit activities in the dwelling, and their stay will be terminated in advance. • Noises or riots can not be made from 10AM at night, to avoid disturbances to the neighbours. • If you find any deficiencies you should inform BOOKING COSTA BLANCA as soon as possible and to give the opportunity to clarify the solution during your stay. BOOKING COSTA BLANCA will not admit any claim after the moment of departure. • The occupants must treat the dwelling and its contents with respect, and not take anything away from it, as they will be responsible for the damage caused. • The layout of the furniture cannot be changed. • No food may be stored or consumed in the bedrooms. • If the dwelling has a chimney, under no circumstances may flammable liquids be cooked or poured into the chimney. • If there are children, the responsibility of them is the adult present. • Smoking is not allowed inside the house, according to law 28/2005 of 26 December (Boe of 27 December). • Any damage caused by non-compliance with these rules will be invoiced on departure. • The cleaning of the rented property in its entirety corresponds to the clients during their stay. • It is the clients own responsibility to use the barbecue, taking special care of windy days and days of high fire danger. • Under no circumstances will more people be allowed than the established ones, including children over 2 years old. The owner reserves the right of admission of the reservation if the present one is not respected. • At the time of entering check the house, the deficiencies that can find in the house, must communicate them to the BOOKING COSTA BLANCA, not to assume the responsibility, and to be repaired, will be able to contact with BOOKING COSTA BLANCA by telephone before any Problem to prudent hours whenever it is something urgent. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE TIMES Booking with Booking Costa Blanca, offers check-in from 4 pm on the day of arrival. Check-out takes place before 10:00 am on the day of departure. It can be changed upon request, provided no guests are arriving for this property on that day. • BOOKING COSTA BLANCA will inform you of the nearest places for supplies, places of interest and will show you the house.